The branch has an active programme of outings. In Spring we have our annual visit to Kew: The National Archives and the Royal Botanic Gardens. In July we hold the meeting outdoors led by a guide at different places of interest in Kent. We also organise other outings to various places such as Flanders and the WWI  Battlefields, RAF Hendon and British Newspaper Library.  Contact: Tricia Baxter at branch meetings or by  Email  or call: 01227 453 576

NEXT Outing   Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - £20   Kew
The National Archives or Royal Botanic Gardens    Non members welcome   » Pick up Times

WWI Battlefields OUTING  2015

The Committee are at the planning stage of a day coach outing to WWI battlefields in the Spring of 2015. The itinerary will be similar to previous outings. Costs for the day? We have no firm idea but initial research suggests about £40.

We propose to take a guide with us. We will lay a wreath at one of the British cemeteries and will end up in Ypres for the evening ceremony at the Menin Gate.

Any other suggestions? Whilst at the planning stage we would like your input. Specific places you would like to visits, cemetery you’d like us to lay the wreath at, any significant dates that you’d like to suggest. Speak up now as we may be able to plan it in to the day’s events

It would be helpful to know how many people would be interested in going on such a venture. Bring friends and family, whether members or non-members. The more the merrier as it will help to keep costs down.

Terms & Conditions

● Outings must be paid for in advance
● Payments are taken at our monthly branch meetings or by post.
● There are no extra charges for postal bookings.
● We do not take payments by card.

● Outings are not normally refundable unless the trip fails to go ahead
● Tickets are not normally given but a receipt message may be sent via e-mail. Or send an SAE and a receipt will be posted to you.

● M
embers of Kent FHS, and their family and friends should register an interest at least three months in advance to be certain of a place.
Non members are welcome to register in advance and will be allocated seats not taken up by members as above.
There are no extra charges for non members
● If you have to cancel you may transfer your place to someone else but you MUST let us know to who has taken your place. 
● Alternatively we will try to sell your place for you AFTER all other seats have been sold... we do not charge for this service.
● ONLY if we are successful in selling your place will we return any payment to you

Tricia Baxter, Webmaster

David Wood BA (hons.), Branch Chairman

Page updated:  09 May 2014