NEXT OUTING  Tuesday 17th June 2014 - 20   KEW

We will stop at both the National Archives and the Royal Botanic Gardens  - Non-members are welcome to join us
Contact: Tricia Baxter at a branch meeting, by 
Email  or  call 01227 453 576                   Terms and conditions

COACH TIMETABLE   - outward & homeward we have a short stop at Clacket Lane services.

07:30 Sturry - Free parking at Lehane Travel's Depot Bredlands Lane CT2 0HD

07:31 Sturry Staines Hill - stop opposite Babs Oak Hill

07:40 Canterbury Dover Rd Park & Ride  NB: after hours a vaild parking permit will open the barriers

07:45 Canterbury   Rhodaus Town - Bus Stop Ring Road end of Station Road East

07:50 Canterbury  Rheims Way - Bus Stop in the lay-by opposite Queens Avenue.

08:00 Faversham A2 Canterbury Road - Bus stop opposite Makenade Avenue

Arrival Kew - eta 10:15 Gardens Main Gate map

Depart for home TNA 16:00 Gardens  16:15  - Listen for confirmation as you leave the coach in the morning.

Arrive Canterbury - eta 19:30 dependant on traffic.

PREPARATION - save time by searching for references of records you want before you leave home. Some original documents arenot stored at Kew and will need to be ordered at least a fortnightin advance. TNA's website will tell you if the item is an original record held off site or whether its on film, fiche, database, or held at Kew.  Catalogue   

FAMILY HISTORY ARCHIVES  - birth, marriage and death registers and certificates  are no longer at Kew; available from the General Register Office by post only. Most other family history records are stored on databases, films and fiche.

CLOAKROOM -  on the ground floor are cloakrooms with lockable coat racks and free lockers. Free clear plastic shopping bags are provided for your personal items.

FOOD OUTLETS - on the ground floor is a restaurant, coffee shop, museum and bookshop You may eat your own packed lunch in the restaurant or the picnic area in the grounds by the duck pond.

WHERETO START - On the first floor there is a reception desk where members of staff will help direct you in the right direction. Often to other desks where a more in depth answer to Military questions or family history questions can be addressed with an expert in the subject. There are also serve yourself handouts with titles such as 'My Ancestor was a Marine' laid out in a step by step format with the references you will require.

READERS' CARDS - are not needed for records held electronically the majority of TNA'sFamily History files are now on film or computer. The original document reading room is also on the first floor. There are security staff on duty at the entrance who will search the belongings of those entering and leaving the reading room. They will deny access to those without a Readers Cards.

FREE DOWNLOADS AT KEW- Anything you find on TNA's website for which a charge is made to download to your home computer is free to access on the computers at Kew. They have hundreds of computers for public use but you may also take your own Laptop and there are electric points you may use. The only charge you may incur would be if you wanted to take a photocopy of a document. The photocopiers are self service and you can load a readers card with money and use it in the copiers. Or their latest initiative for items stored electronically is that you can email it from Kew to your home computer. NB: You can also have free use of within TNA.

ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS - you will need a Readers Card to access these documents and you may find that during the day your research requires you to order an original document. As TNA do not recognise the CARN [County Archives Research Network] Readers Card it may be wise to bring with you items to get a National Archives Readers Card. TNA are most definite about what ID you need to bring with you so be sure to visit their website to check you have the correct paperwork with you go to: Before You Visit TNA

READERS' CARDS ARE FREE- You may apply for a day, a year, or a three year card. If you loose a one or three year card you will be charged 5 to replace it. You won't need to bring photos they use a webcam. You will be required to take a short document handling course via one of their computers in the Card application room.

ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR READERS' CARD - you will now be able to order documents via the computers at Kew and also on future visits you will be able to order original documents and a seat in the search room before you leave home; which saves time on the day. 

PHOTOGRAPHY - TNA allow the use of digital cameras to photograph most original documents; as long as the flash is turned off. Photocopiers are also available.

PERSONAL ITEMS - TNA are very specific about what you are allowed to take into the original document reading room and have security guards at the entrance to ensure this is adhered to. Seemingly insignificant items such as erasers and pencil sharpeners are amongst banned items; they also prefer a notebook to loose pages. Free clear plastic shopping bags are provided in the cloakrooms for you to carry personal items about the building. For more about what is allowed in the reading room go to:  Before You Visit TNA



ENTRY FEES APPLY  Ticket Information
OTHER FEES -  there may be entrance fees to Kew Palace and the Royal Kitchens  which are situated inside the gardens and open from Spring to autumn.  

FOOD OUTLETS -  there are cafe's and restaurants in the gardens. Packed lunches can be eaten at out-door picnic areas.

MOBILITY - there are a limited number of wheelchairs for visitors use that need to be booked in advance.  Mini bus tours of the estate are available throughout the day. More about accessibility and wheelchair bookings go to. Access-guide

Tricia Baxter, Webmaster

David Wood BA (hons.), Branch Chairman

Page updated:  09 May 2014