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From time to time we are contacted to ask for help finding someone or something in our area. Mostly we can answer the queries from local knowledge but there are always some for which there is no easy answer or an obvious way to progress. This page is an appeal for anyone who may be able to provide an answer or knows where the answer might be found. If you think you can help please contact us by Email and we will pass on your contact details.


The Herne and Broomfield History Group have been collecting information about the names on the village WW1 War Memorial for some time, in particular to their connection with Herne and the area.

Research has uncovered some poignant and moving stories and in most cases the families are still in the area.  However there are two names for which contacts or information cannot be found and the Herne Group has asked for help.  There are no Regimental details on the memorial.

Should anyone have connections with either Sidney MORRIS and Arthur HOARE, please contact us and we will put you in contact with the Herne and Broomfield History Group who would be very pleased to hear from you.

Email and we will pass on your contact details.

posted 10 April 2014


MANSTON AIRPORT - We are appealing for the families of the owners of land sold to create Manston Airport.

Land from several farms was used to create the airport site and we are interested in getting in contact with the families of these farms. We have verified that covenants exist on the Manston Airport site, which could possibly stop the re-development of the site– we are looking for a covenant stating the land would need to be reverted back to agricultural use if no longer an airport. The land registry office for England knows these covenants exist but has no record of them so cannot provide us with further details.


We are looking to get into contact with the families of the following land owners:


Frederick George Hodgson (deals made July 1903, July 1904 and January 1924),

Joseph Frederick Thompson (deal made July 1903),

Charles Dear ( deal made July 1904),

James Cawson (deal made April 1906),

George Trapps (deal made April 1906),

Henry Percy Draper (deal made January 1924),

Francis Marsden ( deal made March 1924 with the President of the Air Council),

Edward James Buttery Noris (deal made August 1927 with the President of the Air Council).


Phipot family who appeared to have owned Manston Court Farm during the 1800s and early 1900s – of which the original 20 acres of land was given to Manston Airport.


These sales of land all include restrictive covenants that could prevent the re-development of Manston so we are eager to get in touch and find out whether these documents still exist or anyone can shed some light.


Email and we will pass on your contact details.

posted 3 April 2014


BRIGGS/ MITCHELL  - Albert and Annie  married 6 July 1913

A family historian has contacted us to say that he has acquired a small book of days entitled 'Christian Holy Treasure Book' and wants to give it to the family. It is signed on the reverse of the front cover August 22nd, 1911 (initial indecipherable) Mitchell. Albert and Annie's wedding is one of the entries in this book which also records other family births and deaths.  If anyone has Albert and Annie BRIGGS in their tree?

Email and we will pass on your contact details.

posted 1 February 2014


Tricia Baxter, Webmaster

David Wood BA (hons.), Branch Chairman

Page updated:  09 May 2014