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References & Acknowledgements

Images supplied by:
Tricia Baxter
David Wood
KFHS CD-ROM 09 'Kent Churches'

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Church pages researched by David Wood and Tricia Baxter. In order to give correct information they both tried to find documentary evidence to back their local knowledge. In particular David Wood read copiously from the titles listed below and Tricia Baxter consulted historical leaflets produced by churches. They both used sources held at Canterbury Cathedral Archives.

However, if you should spot an error in our web pages we would be pleased to receive a message from you and we will make a suitable correction if you can also point us in the direction of documentary evidence to support a change  Contact Us

Where possible we have provided links, to websites of the authors and publishers. Some titles on the list below are out of print but were available in Canterbury Cathedral Archives, or Kent Libraries and Local Studies Centres or the University of Kent's Templeman Library. Whilst other titles may be in our Society's Library and may borrowed by KFHS members in person or by post from. Kent FHS's Library

If you want to buy a copy check if it is available on our Society's bookstall. They often charge less than specialist book sellers and there may be a members discount on some titles  online bookstall.


Bateman, Audrey Hail, Mother of England 1984
Brent, John Canterbury in Olden Times 1879
Butler, Derek Canterbury in Old Photographs 1989
Butler, Derek

Canterbury Revisited

Butler, Derek

Century of Canterbury



Canterbury  [published  1905]                 


Cohn-Sherbok, Rabbi Dan

Jewish Canterbury

Collinson, Ramsey & Sparkes A History of Canterbury Cathedral 1995
Cox, J. Charles Canterbury a History of the Ancient City 1905

Crampton, Paul

Blitz of Canterbury


Crampton, Paul

Canterbury in Archive Photographs 1997
Crampton, Paul Canterbury After the Blitz, 1942-45 1993
Crampton, Paul   Canterbury Before the Blitz


Crampton, Paul Canterbury in the 1940's


Crampton, Paul Canterbury Then and Now 1991
Crampton, Paul Canterbury, 1945-1975 2002
Crampton, Paul Then and Now- Canterbury 1998
Crouch, Marcus Canterbury 1970
Cross, Francis,. & Hull, John Rambles Round Old Canterbury 1884
Green, Ivan Canterbury, a Pictorial History 1988
Harmsworth, Andy Journey to Medieval Canterbury 2001
Hasted, Edward The Historical &Topographical Survey of Kent 1793
Lyle, Marjorie English Heritage- Canterbury 1992
Major, Alan Who's Buried Where in Kent 1990
Maltby, Richard Canterbury (Pevensey Guide) 1993
Oaten Hill Society Nunnery Fields Remembered 1998
Pope, Anne Memories of the Blitz 1992
Rootes, Andrew Images of Canterbury


Somner, William The Antiquities of Canterbury  [published 1640]
Revised by the Rev Nicholas Battely 1703
Urry, William Canterbury Under the Angevin Kings 1967
Wacher, Harold Medical History of Canterbury


Wright, David East Kent Parishes


  Individual church history pamphlets  
  Kentish Gazette from 1758


 Tricia Baxter, Webmaster

David Wood BA (hons.), Branch Chairman

Page updated:  01 May 2014