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Welcome to the Home page of the CANTERBURY BRANCH of
(Founded in Canterbury 1974 - Member of the Kent Group of Family History Societies)

Through our web pages we hope to give help and encouragement, not only to those with Kentish roots,
but to anyone involved in this wonderful, educational and often downright frustrating activity that is genealogy!

Friday 9
th May 2014
Wartime Convalescent Homes in Kent'  by Dr Julie Anderson
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KFHS and Canterbury Branch
The inaugural meeting of the Society took place in the County Hotel, (Abode) Canterbury on
28th June 1974

Tuesday 17th June 2014
KEW: The National Archives
 or Botanic Gardens
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Canterbury is the nearest KFHS branch for those living in Faversham, Fordwich, Herne Bay, Whitstable, The Blean, the Elham Valley and, of course, the City of Canterbury. Unless stated to the contrary we meet  from 7pm in the British Red Cross Centre, Lower Chantry Lane, Canterbury, CT1 1UF see MAP & DIRECTIONS. Meetings are held monthly on the 2nd Friday, except January and our July meeting is held outdoors on a guided walk somewhere in Kent More.  A warm welcome is extended to all and unless otherwise stated non-members may attend for a fee of 1.

Local Help we are happy to help with free advice about our local area and may undertake local searches of a limited nature. We will first let you know likely costs of any expenses such as photocopying. LOCAL HELP   If you require more involved help we refer you to our list of researchers who offer PROFESSIONAL HELP

Kent Family History Society is now the oldest and largest family history society in the county. Including Canterbury, the Society now has six branches holding regular meetings in Kent and branches in  Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA. We also have a Global branch where members throughout the world may 'meet' via email.  Membership is not exclusive to one branch and members may attend meetings at all or any branches. 

Tricia Baxter, Webmaster

David Wood BA (hons.), Branch Chairman

Page updated:  17 April 2014